About Us

On June 9, 2004 for the longing of an alumni child, one of the Orphanages, determined with all the limitations of receiving and caring for 6 children to be sent to school. For a year with its own efforts to keep the child in school until the following year, precisely on May 18, 2005 based on a notary deed, a foundation called Yayasan Benih Kasih was formed, which aims to complete one of the requirements in the government so that the Benih Kasih Orphanage is under the auspices of the foundation . Subsequent developments, with the ability and funds collected from donors in 2006, together with the Foundation donors built a dormitory on the founder's land and provided facilities to develop children's services, both facilities and the number of children that could be accommodated even though there were many obstacles.
On August 21, 2009, I Gst Notary Ayu Made Susianingsih, the name of the Benih Kasih Foundation changed to Benih Kasih Social Foundation and was registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.
Such is the brief history of the establishment of the Benih Kasih Orphanage.