The project of building the Benih Kasih of Bali is a dream of children and the whole family of the Benih Kasih (Seed Of Love) At present, the number of children has exceeded capacity. 25 children who are accommodated in the dormitory and 47 children who live together with their parents or guardians. Because the capacity of the foundation is insufficient, the founder and co-founder of Benih Kasih I Kadek Pilipus and his wife see the need to build a dormitory that accommodates around 40 children consisting of 20 boys and 20 girls. On land from the property of I Kadek Pilipus, the building will be built as a dormitory right to use, and the building belongs to the social foundation of the love seed of Bali. The construction of the building is on the second floor, with facilities. 1 Office unit with guest rooms (for parents 'parents / guardians' lodging) 4 bedrooms with contents of 10 children each, Toilet, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, dining room, tv room, library, 2 staff bedroom, 2 warehouses, and 1 flashlight hall (Product Photo) An expectation of the building in addition to children's living quarters will also be a center for skills and arts for children in the inner and outer dormitory community. Hopefully this will become a reality.

Benih Kasih (Seeds of Love) - Orphanage Project The orphanage accommodates orphans and children coming from poor or dysfunctional Balinese families and orphans for the East of Indonesia. The vision and mission of Benih Kasih is to develop the Seeds of Love in each child fostering self esteem and spiritual and emotional stability while gaining the tools to be able to support him or herself in later stages of life. Benih Kasih was established in June of 2004 by I Kadek Philipus, a Balinese Christian and former orphan who believed to give back to others as he had received, was his life’s highest calling. On donated land, Mr. Philipus and his wife began their ministry in the midst of Indonesia’s economic turmoil and uncertainty leaving the young couple to fend for themselves. Private donations provide a home, food and clothing for the children and an opportunity for the school aged children to receive and education. In the spirit of creativity, with the goal of developing healthy, self-sustainability, the children are obliged to participate in the daily activities of the orphanage including morning Bible study and prayer, diligent weekday school attendance and assistance with the garden and animal projects. Owned and operated by I Kadek Philipus and his spouse, this orphanage is a Christian faith organization yet housing children of different faiths. Since 2004, this orphanage has had the privilege of grooming many young people for a productive life as young adults. With emphasis on education, these children have a disciplined life at the orphanage with responsibilities, and dedication to help the younger. Benih Kasih - Music for life Program Since 2005 a local prominent hotelier, has acted in a private capacity to advise the administrators as to activities which could potential provide some income. This sustainable development approach was introduces simply by asking the children what they would like to do… music was the common answer and from then on a band was formed. The band has developed into a small orchestra of western and Indonesian traditional instruments and the children now perform weekly for tourists of hotels in their area. Rehearsals and practice for performances is a daily activity at the orphanage where the children of all ages shine in their individual development within the band. Their Music & Recordings - how you can help...

To make this venture with the orphanage more sustainable, we would like to reinforce the need for companies to support for the band of the orphanage. This money-making activity of the children gives them and administrators of the orphanage, a sense of responsibility and pride. Aside from live performances at Matahari Beach Resort in Pemuteran, the children’s band has been invited to perform in Candidasa and also at the Denpasar Arts Festival. The children have recorded a music CD compilation of Christmas music in 2012, which sold to tourists visiting Pemuteran. In order to make better music and therefore more income, we would like to seek the help of companies for the following: Musical instruments Music books Sound system to use for their performances (to avoid having to rent) A small recording studio equipment set (to produce more CDs to sell) CONTACT INFORMATION YAYASAN SOSIAL BENIH KASIH Jln. Raya Gilimanuk - Singaraja, Desa Banyupoh, Kec. Gerokgak Singaraja Bali 81155

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